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The peculiarity of this perfume, carefully studied and formulated, can be found right from the first few minutes on the skin. The olfactory variations show an intense character of the initially spiced and citrus fragrance thanks to the precious Calabrian Bergamot,

a highly appreciated citrus also known as the "green gold" of Calabria, and requested by the most renowned fragrances.
From the spicy and citrusy top notes an almost anesthetizing nuance created by the presence of Sichuan Pepper introduces us to the heart of the fragrance where we find Elemi, an aromatic resin obtained from the incision of the trunk of some plants of the Burseraceae family and even Pepe Rosa, Vetiver and Patchouli.

From these latter the oriental heart of the perfume is defined.

In the background we receive a pheromone storm thanks to the presence of amber, the queen essence of oriental fragrances, which mixes with the warm, sweet and balsamic notes of Fava Tonka, Benzonium and Coconut respectively.

Its concentration of essence is such as to allow it periods of long but continuous transitions.
The bottom can remain on the skin for several days even after bathing.
It can be safely sprayed on clothing from a distance of 20/30 cm but it must be kept in mind that the smell may last for weeks on the head.
Our advice is to vaporize directly on the warmer parts of the body after the bath. It is good practice to moisturize the skin adequately with a neutral cream before application so as not to compromise the olfactory compartment of the essences.
Regarding the application on clothing the choice is purely at the discretion of who uses it.



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